About Us


In order to make our humanity more protected against viruses and various diseases, We produce Face Masks, Face Shields (Animated - Non-motion and Hat Face Shields), Mask Holders, Children's Masks, Children's Face Shields and face protective scarves. Since we are a company that cares about human health, we produce all our products at the highest possible quality.

Our products, unlike other products, are manufactured using technology and have various features. To give a few examples; Our anti-bacterial Face Masks and Vapor-free Face Shields are the best examples. Although our highest priority is human health, it was our passion to design and create products that will satisfy people's expectations from the products they buy. 

Our products will help all humanity. But most importantly, it has a wonderful auxiliary equipment feature for respectable healthcare professionals who try to save us from all kinds of health problems. Thanks to its comfortable and comfortably designed structure, it will ensure that valuable health professionals working for long periods of time perform their professions comfortably. 

We are absolutely sure of this !!!
 All our products have the advantage of durability. In addition to the protective advantages of Mask and Face Shields, Currved products are designed for elegance, high durability, grip and comfort. We only use high quality items when creating our products. All of our fabric materials and other products are carefully selected, processed and assembled at our company’s Office and our production center in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Final Say!
The word “synergy” refers to the idea that the total of the whole is larger than the separate parts. You will be part of our "family" where all members work together for the sake of a whole.